When I started Rx Golf Network, I did so for two reasons:

1.  I wanted to help promote the great game of golf - keep it alive and help it grow
2.  I wanted to promote the value of great golf instruction - the value of really learning how to play better to enjoy the game more

I always wondered how many more people would have stayed with the game if they just started off with some basic instruction?

In my view, it just makes such a difference in your enjoyment of the game to have a good fund of knowledge that you can draw upon for any shot or any situation on the course. It doesn't guarantee success, but it sure makes you more comfortable and improves your odds of success.

Since I started the site, we've worked really hard at driving towards the goals above. We now feature over 1900 top rated golf lessons from over 500 top golf coaches in our library. Every golf lesson has a quiz to reinforce and cement in the key points of the lesson.

Our member loyalty and consistent use of the site is just tremendous. We have members that have built sign in streaks numbering in hundreds and hundreds of days in a row.

But I am most gratified that you tell me that you consider the time you spend on the site...to be time well spent!

As you are certainly aware, the site has been totally free to use because I want to do everything I can to promote the game and promote the value of great golf lessons. As you can probably imagine, it takes a substantial amount of time, energy and financial resources to maintain the site and to provide new top-rated lessons each and every day. And I want to do much more.

To that end, I would like to ask you for your support of the site.

I couldn't be more grateful for your loyal use of the site, and I am deeply grateful to have you as part of our community.

Together, we can continue to promote the game and promote the value of using great instructors and hopefully help you stay connected and improve your game in the process.

My very best to you and good golf,

Mike Cannon
Founder and President
Rx Golf Network