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By watching your daily Rx Golf Tips and taking your Rx Golf Quiz - you'll build a 200 Golf IQ. You'll know exactly what to do in any situation on the golf course

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New Golf Skills

Watch a new golf skill video each day and then Ace the Rx Golf Quiz to build your Golf IQ.  Grab your golf pencils and take notes! Every video is followed by an Rx Golf Quiz to cement your comprehension of the lesson.


Improved Golf Skills

Engaging your golf brain is the key to improvement. Train your Golf Brain each day until you know the skill for every situation on the course. Less thinking = better scoring. 

Smarter Golf

Become a 200 IQ Golfer!  The secret to golf is to turn 3 shots into 2.  Your best club is the one between your ears.  We feature "best of the best" instruction from golf's most respected authorities and teachers. Our vast golf instruction library addresses every aspect of the game. We have golf instruction suited for single digit handicappers, average players and even those just taking up the game.  

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Paul Rasmussen, NC 

"For me, the Rx Golf Network is just what the Doctor ordered. I view the daily instructional video without fail and have found that I must pay close attention if I want to ace the quiz. It is very convenient to save the videos that help me the most in my favorites area for later viewing. What an improvement over my father's accordion file full of ripped out Golf Digest articles organized by putting, pitching, etc.! Thank you, Rx Golf!"

Joe Perona, IL


"I use Rx Golf Network to help me find top golf instruction videos tailored to my playing level. The member community aids in me viewing the worthwhile content. Site's excellent."

Matt Spector, FL

"I use Rx Golf Network daily for motivation and to help me improve my golf game. All the instruction is top-drawer. The Rx Golf Quizzes have definitely helped me learn and carry the lessons to the course. It's an excellent site."

Get Your Daily Rx Golf Tip and Rx Quiz in Your Inbox