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It's no small feat to bring you great golf instruction lessons paired with Rx Golf Quizzes every day. It takes me a little over 3 hours to prepare each and every daily lesson - 365 days per year. If you get value from using the site, please help cover the costs to feed the hamsters that keep the wheels turning and lights on.


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Rx Golf Network Works Great For

Beginning Golfers

If you're a beginning golfer, we can help you get off to a great start in your journey to master the links. Our daily lessons will teach you the fundamentals that you need to know and build progressively through repetition and expanding topics.

Recreational Golfers

One of the biggest challenges for recreational golfers is staying connected to the game. Life happens. Golf often must take a backseat.  Rx Golf Network helps bridge that gap. Our short daily lessons and quizzes bring your mind back to the course - even if for only 5 minutes per day. It's a form on mental golf practice - which keeps your golf brain from going soft.

Competitive Golfers

Bobby Jones famously said, "competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course... the space between your ears."  Rx Golf Network provides daily practice for the best club you have in your bag - your golf brain!  Each lesson is followed by a short (4 to 5 question) Rx Golf Quiz.  This forces your golf brain to activate and answer the questions on how to solve the puzzles of different golf shots. It's a form of shot visualization.  The same you should be doing on the course.

Golf Professionals

Rx Golf Network is a place that golf professionals can get new ideas for teaching and spreading the gospel of golf. Watching how different golf instructor's approach teaching different shots and drills can be a great source of inspiration and motivation.  Rx Golf Network would love to share your teachings.  Just send us a note.


I'm Mike Cannon

When I started Rx Golf Network, I did so for two reasons:

1.  I wanted to help promote the great game of golf - keep it alive and help it grow
2.  I wanted to promote the value of great golf instruction - the value of really learning how to play better and enjoying the game more

I've always wondered how many more people would have stayed with the game if they just started off with some basic instruction?

In my view, it just makes such a difference in your enjoyment of the game to have a good fund of knowledge that you can draw upon for any shot or any situation on the course. It doesn't guarantee success, but it sure makes you more comfortable and improves your odds of success.

Since I started the site, we've worked really hard at driving towards the goals above. We now feature over 1900 top rated golf lessons from over 500 top golf coaches in our library. Every golf lesson has a quiz to reinforce and cement in the key points.

Our member loyalty and consistent use of the site is just tremendous. We have members that have built sign in streaks numbering in hundreds of days in a row.

But probably most important of all is that you tell me that you consider the time you spend on the be time well spent.

This means what we're doing is working!

As you are certainly aware, the site is totally free to use because I want to do everything I can to promote the game and promote the value of great golf lessons. As you can probably imagine, it takes a substantial amount of time, energy and financial resources to maintain the site and to provide new top-rated lessons each and every day. And I want to do much more.

To that end, I would like to ask you for your support of the site

I couldn't be more grateful for your loyal use of the site, and I am deeply grateful to have you as part of our community.

Together, we can continue to promote the game and promote the value of using great instructors and hopefully help you stay connected and improve your game in the process.

My very best to you and good golf,

Mike Cannon
Founder and President
Rx Golf Network

How Rx Golf Network Works


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Ace the Rx Golf Quizzes

Taking the Rx Golf Quiz promotes active learning. Your golf brain will turn-on and this helps cement in the lessons learned so that they make it to the course.


Lower Your Scores

Your best club is the one between your ears. Walking onto the golf course with the knowledge of how to approach each shot - this is how you turn 3 shots into 2.

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Suck Less at Golf

It's true.  You're probably never going to win the Master's or U.S. Open.  For most of us, our Master's moments are keeping the ball in the fairway, hitting the green in regulation and 3 putting for par.  For many of us, just staying off the beach, in-bounds or out of the water can seem to require an act of DeVine intervention. It's been said that golf can best be defined as an endless series of tragedies obscured by the occasional miracle.  My objective with Rx Golf Network is to help you cut down on the tragedies.  Our goal is to help you turn 4 shots into 3.  And 3 shots into 2.  And staying out of the water would help too! Please help support the site.

What our MEMBERS saY

"For me, the Rx Golf Network is just what the doctor ordered. I view the daily instructional video without fail and have found that I must pay close attention if I want to ace the quiz. It's very convenient to save the videos that help me the most in my favorites area for later viewing. What an improvement over my father's accordion file full of ripped out Golf Digest articles organized by putting, pitching, etc.! Thank you, Rx Golf!"

Paul Rasmussen

"I use Rx Golf Network to help me find top golf instruction videos tailored to my playing level. The member community aids in me viewing the worthwhile content. I'm totally hooked on acing the golf quizzes. Site's excellent."

Matt Spector

"I use Rx Golf Network daily for motivation and to help me learn new techniques and drills to improve my golf game. All the instruction is really top-drawer. It's an excellent site."

Joe Perona

Become a 200 IQ Golfer

Test your golf knowledge every day. Grab your golf pencils and take notes! Every video is followed by a quiz to cement your knowledge and comprehension of the lesson. If you ace Rx Golf Quizzes, you earn big Rx Points and might make it on the leaderboard. The smarter members build long streaks of aced quizzes for added bonuses. Do you have what it takes?

Frequently asked questions

About Rx Golf network

What is Rx Golf Network?

Rx Golf Network is Brain Training for Golf!

You train your golf brain daily with Rx Golf Tips and Quizzes - building more knowledge, confidence and consistency in your game - not to mention lower golf scores.

You watch our bite sized golf lessons each day and then try to ACE the Rx Golf Quizzes and Tests. The Rx Golf Quizzes cement in the golf knowledge, so you stop having to think so much on the course and instead can focus on shot making. Brain Training for Golf = Lower Scores!

The only thing we can't do for your golf game - is hit the ball for you!

Who Operates Rx Golf Network?

Just ME - Mike Cannon.  I've been readying up daily Rx Golf Tips and Rx Quizzes since 2017.  

Does Rx Golf Network make a profit?

The short answer is NO. For the last 5 years, Rx Golf Network has been a personal passion project - supported by me and from some donations from some of our members.  While the two primary goals remain the same - to promote the game of golf and the value of great golf instruction - I hope too significantly expand the value of the site to our loyal members and hope to find new ways of paying the costs of maintaining and expanding the site, through some support from advertising, affiliate commissions, the sale of merchandise, courses and memberships.

About Our Instruction

How do you select your instruction?

Rx Golf Network features a combination of original and curated top-drawer golf instruction content. All of the content usually is less than 5 minutes long and focuses on one primary golf topic.  Sometimes the content will combine instruction with recommended drills to help build or reinforce a particular skill.

Do you remove instruction?

Yes. If a lesson is poorly reviewed by our members, this instruction doesn't make the cut and is removed from the library.

Can I become a featured instructor?

Yes.  Simply send me an email to - along with a link to your content and I will review it and let you know if and when it will be added to the Rx Golf Network instruction library.  You can also be listed as a Featured Instructor.

About our quizzes

Do Rx Golf Quizzes really make any difference?

Yes. Rx Golf Quizzes absolutely make a difference in the likelihood that you will remember the important details of an Rx Golf lesson.  When you know that you will be tested and required to remember important details, your brain changes its' state to one of active learning.

Do you review and modify the Rx Golf Quizzes?

Yes. I monitor the results of each daily Rx Golf Quiz to identify any obvious errors, confusing questions or answers.  The goal is always to create Rx Golf Quizzes that build and reinforce knowledge that can be taken directly to the golf course.  There's never an intent to make a question purposely difficult or oblique.

Do you have plans to create courses?

Yes.  The positive feedback about the large library of featured Rx Golf Tips and Rx Golf Quizzes has inspired the idea for packaging this content into high value courses. 

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